The Troll Hero

Donovan Stormson is a boy coming of age in the Blighted Isles, a near-arctic chain of islands. Donovan is different from the other boys his age. Orphaned at a young age and raised in a monastery, Donovan has had a hard life and it's about to get harder. Donovan is incredibly strong, stronger than any grown man in his village, and has few friends. To many of the other young Kjavik people, Donovan has the personality of a stone.

Donovan's sixteenth birthday, the day he became a man, was anything but joyful. When the only person he ever trusted was killed, Donovan ended up in the village jail. A Thracian Imperial Lancer sharing Donovan's cell offered him a chance at new life, sailing the seas aboard the Thracian Navy's glorious warships and fighting evil as an Imperial Sea Lancer. All the young man needed to do, was break them out of jail and make it to the Thracian Naval ship docked in the Kjavik harbor.

Donovan's past, however, was far more complicated than he knew. Under threat of invasion by a powerful enemy, the Kjavik mayor made a secret agreement to turn the boy over to their ancient foes.

Will Donovan escape from jail and make it to the Thracian warship alive? Will he become an Imperial Sea Lancer, fighting for Thracian glory, or will he come to face the curse of his questionable parentage?

The Chronicles of Donovan Stormson will be released after the final installment in The Chronicles of Llars.