Llars Preludes

The Llars Preludes will tell various tales that I did not have room to tell in The Chronicles of Llars. These stories will be short, in the world of the novelette, and are likely to be free.

The first installment, Paths of Darkness, tells what drove Shalthazar to seek Llars and how got there. It is free on all outlets.

There will be at least two more, however I only have one more in mind right now. I plan to write The Black Baron in between Llars 5 and 6 (I'm almost done with 5 now!), and I'll decide what story needs telling for the third installment. Perhaps the vanishings of the dwarves, or the High Elves? Maybe the backstory of the Lich-Prince of Underllars?

Paths of Darkness

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paths of darkness