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I am Tom Bielawski, author of fantasy and science fiction novels. Here you will find a little about me, the books I have written, and the ones I am writing.

I am a veteran of the US Marines and I have served in every clime and (nearly) every place, from North Carolina to Iceland, from Liberia to Albania. I spent two years in Afghanistan as a mentor and trainer for the Afghan National Police, Investigative Surveillance Unit, and National Directorate of Security.

After nearly 20 years, I finished my first book, A Tide of Shadows, while I was stationed in Afghanistan. What a ride that was -maybe someday I'll write a book about the unsung heroes of that war. There are four novels and one novelette available in that series. Check them out on the list to your right.

During my second tour I wrote and published my first Heck Thomas sci-fi adventure, The Centaurus Legacy. It is a fast-paced adventure set in the Twenty-Second Century, telling the tale of Commonwealth Marshal Heck Thomas.

If you are going to DragonCon this year, stop by the DragonLance Nexus fan table and say hello! I'll be joined by my fellow authors: MR Mathias, LRW Lee, Craig Halloran, and Jack Hoyle. We are giving away lots of cool stuff, including: Kindle Fires, autographed dragonlance novels, dragonlance fan-art, some cool gaming dice and more. We will also have our resident barbarian, MR Mathias, on hand for some action-packed "Beat the Barbarian" gaming. MR Mathias invented this game last year at DragonCon and has developed it into a fun role-playing game available in e-book format called Arena Fighters. Check it out!

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